The exclusive 10-episode mini-series is slated to premiere Tuesday, January 22 at 9pm/8C

Telemundo reveals trailer for Jugar con Fuego which premieres on Tuesday, January 22 at 9pm
11 de enero de 2019

Telemundo unveils the trailer for Jugar con Fuego (Playing with Fire), the exclusive 10-episode event slated to premiere Tuesday, January 22 at 9pm/8C.

Shot entirely on location in the Colombian coffee “triangle,” the limited series is co-produced by Telemundo International Studios and Globo with executive producers Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Global Studios and Ximena Cantuarias for Telemundo; together with Diego Ramírez and Nancy Fernández for 64 A Films, and Tony Plana.

Jugar con Fuego tells the story of Fabrizio, an attractive and sensual man, who bursts into the lives of three women, Camila and Martina, married women who are great friends - and Andrea, Martina’s daughter. His arrival from Mexico will disrupt, in a terrible and permanent way, the life of the homes in the prosperous Colombian coffee zone, and his incursion into a forbidden territory will confirm that Playing with Fire ... can bring terrible consequences.

Jugar con Fuego stars Jason Day as Fabrizio; Carlos Ponce as Jorge Jaramillo; Margarita Rosa de Francisco as Martina; Gaby Espino as Camila; Laura Perico as Andrea Jaramillo; Alejandro Aguilar as Gildardo; Tony Plana as Peter; Marcelo Serrado as Thiago; Leticia Huijara as Dolores; Germán Quintero as Don Andrés; Luis Alberti as Poncho; Ricardo Vesga as Eliseo; Yuri Vargas as Maricarmen and Álvaro Rodríguez as Hilario.

Jugar con Fuego is directed by Mafer Suárez and Riccardo Gabrielli, with Directors of Photography Carlos Hidalgo and Andrés García. The script was conceptualized by Marcos Santana and adapted by Julia Montejo and Jose Luis Acosta.