Manuel Martínez, president of Telemundo Station Group

Telemundo Station Group: Thanks to Comcast's capital injection our stations are reporting faster success than estimated
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|26 de marzo de 2015

In little over a year, thanks to the injection of capital made by Comcast, local Telemundo stations report faster success than was estimated, assured Manuel Martínez, president of Telemundo Station Group in an interview with PRODU. "Comcast is the best thing that could happen to Telemundo, because honestly the previous owners might not have invested as they should have and our growth was perpendicular to the Latin market, but now we have made a leap to where we have to be regarding resources", said Martínez enthusiastically. Among the results he highlights the positive performance of the Newscasts in the station's primetime schedule. "Aside from the 6pm and the 11pm news -which is what all stations have- we have one half an hour before the others, at 5:30pm. This has helped us a lot and we have done very well: in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles. We have improved the morning news and at this moment are preparing budgets for next year and are going to add more". He highlighted that the final goal is for the stations to be number one in each market. "Serving the community with initiatives like Telemundo Responde and improving the stations, I think what is eventually going to happen in other markets is what happens in Miami" he said. He indicated that they are working on TV Everywhere and that soon it will be on their stations. "We just launched it in the world of NBC".