Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Global Studios: We are thrilled for Majida Issa’s return to Telemundo

Telemundo unveils cast of Operación Pacífico
14 de noviembre de 2019

Telemundo announced the full cast of Operación Pacífico, the new superseries of 60 episodes that marks the return of Majida Issa to the network, alongside lead actor Mark Tacher.

Issa plays the lead role of Captain Amalia Ortega, a fearless woman, wife, mother and captain of the Secret Intelligence Unit of the Police, who jeopardizes her career, her life and her family in an attempt to capture El Guapo (Bracho), a Mexican drug trafficker.

She leads an internationally renowned cast that includes Julio Bracho, Christian Tappan, Luciano D’ Alessandro, Klemen Novak, Ernesto Benjumea, Shany Nadan, Johanna Fadul, Emmanuel Orenday and Cynthia Alesco.

Special performances include Jorge Enrique Abello, Antonio de la Vega, Jorge Zárate, Oscar Borda, Luigi Aicardi, Katherine Velez, Diana Wiswell and Lina Cardona.

“We are thrilled for Majida Issa’s return to Telemundo and excited to present a different narrative,” said Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Global Studios. “In Operación Pacífico, we are telling the story from the perspective of the good guys as they fight for justice and try to put an end to corruption. This must-see, action-packed police drama has all the elements to captivate audiences - a witty script, a renowned cast, incredible locations, special effects, passion, love, betrayal and suspense,” he added.

Directed by Diego Mejía and Mónica Botero, Operación Pacífico, which was shot in Mexico and Colombia, is an original story based on true events. The concept was developed by Alberto “Albatros” González. David Posada is executive producer for Telemundo and Silvia Duran and Guillermo Restrepo are executive producers for FoxTeleColombia.