Rashel Díaz will host Alfombra de Premios Tu Mundo

Telemundo will offer an interactive coverage of Premios Tu Mundo

15 de agosto de 2017

Telemundo will feature interactive coverage and special programs of the 6th annual Premios Tu Mundo.

First, Alfombra de Premios Tu Mundo (60´) will broadcast Thursday, August 24 live at 7pm, with hosts Rashel Díaz, Jorge Bernal, Elva Saray and Quique Usales. This will offer viewers the opportunity to see their favorite artists and celebrities as they walk down the blue carpet leading up to the main event.

After the ceremony at 11:30pm, viewers will be treated to Premios Tu Mundo: Acceso VIP, featuring a unique behind-the-scenes look of the awards show. This will be hosted by actress Ximena Duque and TV personalities Elva Saray, Erika Csiszer and Quique Usales.

Finally, fans can follow the action on social media, from Thursday, August 24 at 3pm. Hosted by influencer and TV personality Christian Acosta, the program will feature the best of rehearsals, including interviews as the artists step off the stage.