El Mariachiis based on the 1992 Robert Rodríguez film of the same name

Teleset: We want to pay homage to Mexico with the series El Mariachi
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|13 de febrero de 2014

Production company Teleset, in association with Sony Pictures Television, is close to wrapping up production in Mexico of the series El Mariachi, based on the 1992 Robert Rodríguez film of the same name. The series, starring Iván Arana and Martha Higareda, will premiere on March 10th at 8pm on AXN. While on location in the state of Hidalgo, executive producers Gabriela Valentine and Daniel Ucros, as well as director Salvador Cartas, spoke to PRODU about this Mexican story made for Mexicans. “We took key elements from the movie, such as characters and situations, and added many of our own elements, dramatic lines, and other characters to build a 70-episode series. The challenge is for people to engage with us like they did with the film,” said executive producer Daniel Ucros. He added that it is a story of love, adventure and music. To this end, they wrote 13 original songs exclusively for the series, which are performed by the series’ protagonist. Ucros also announced the series will feature special guests such as Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Gerardo Taracena, Alejandro Calva, Mario Almada, Hugo Stiglitz, Ana Luisa Pelufo and Roberto Sosa, all of whom will appear together in one scene to pay homage to Mexico. “It’s a story 100% Mexican, shot 100% in Mexico with 98% Mexican actors,” he added.