The launch coincides with the debut of Rubí

Televisa`s Las Estrellas launches new image
12 de junio de 2020

Las Estrellas will launch a new image and graphic package on Monday, June 15 with the launch of the new version of Rubí (26x60') that night at 9:30pm on the channel. The change implies new official bumpers, for the beginning and end of prime, carousels, bugs on the screen, and all the identifications. It is a complete renovation after the one done in August 2016.

“We are exploring several proposals and opted for one that has to do with the colors of Mexico, with the country's coloration, architecture, food, and textiles. The metaphor is that the logo yields its colors to the screen and we believe this is happening at a good moment. This has to happen and we are a step ahead with a joyful and colorful image. Las Estrellas is the channel of the Mexican family and we want to convey that,” assured Mauricio Carrandi, VP Image, and Advertising at Televisa.

The executive explained that his area is focused on the promotion of three great launches: Rubí on Las Estrellas on Monday, June 15 (Carlos Bardasano); Guerreros 2020, that arrives to Canal 5 on Monday, June 15 (Magda Rodríguez) and La Parodia a Domicilio, that will integrate the comedy bar, Domingos de Sofá on Las Estrellas starting Sunday, June 21 (Reynaldo López).