Por Amar Sin Ley

Televisa´s Por Amar Sin Ley arrives at Univision on Monday March 5th
08 de febrero de 2018

Televisa’s Por Amar Sin Ley, produced by José Alberto Castro, will arrive at Univision on Monday, March 5, at 10pm. It will also debut on Las Estrellas in Mexico on Monday February 12 at 9.30pm.

The story of Por Amar Sin Ley is developed around the personal life and work of a group of lawyers who belong to a prestigious legal firm.

Ana Brenda Contreras, David Zepeda, and Julián Gil are the stars, accompanied by José María Torre, Geraldine Bazán, Altair Jarabo, Azela Robinson, Víctor García, Manuel Balbi, among others.