Cast of Como Tú No Hay Dos together with Carlos Bardasano, president of W Studios

Televisa´s Como Tú No Hay Dos starts shooting
02 de octubre de 2019

Through social networks, the official start of the shooting of Televisa´s new bet, Como Tú No Hay Dos, was revealed. The actors did the first reading of the script.

Produced by W Studios for Televisa, joining Lemon Studios, the production will include Adrián Uribe and Claudia Martín as the protagonists of this romantic comedy, whereas Ferdinando Valencia will be the antagonist.

The cast also includes Aylin Mujica, Lore Graniewicz, Gabriela Carrillo, Carlos Said, Ramiro Tomasini, among others.

El Universal from Mexico detailed that this production will have 13 episodes, produced by Carlos Bardasano. They also explained that Uribe will do a double character, a poor and a rich one who, due to fate, coincides in life.