Ariadne Díaz

Televisa’s new production Tenías Que Ser Tú will start shooting in January 2018
14 de diciembre de 2017

Mapat’s new production, Tenías Que Ser Tú, that will start shooting in January 2018, announced its confirmed stars: Ariadne Díaz, Andrés Palacios and Fernando Alonso. Tenías Que Ser Tú will be aired in March at 8:30pm on Las Estrellas.

The participation of Chantal Andere, Arturo Peniche, Gretell Valdez and Agustín Arana was also confirmed.

Scene direction of this story will be under the responsibility of José Elías Moreno and Nelhiño Acosta and the camera directors will be Marco Vinicio López de Zatarain and Israel Flores. The original story is by Antonio Abascal, Carlos Daniel González and Dante Hernández.