Emilio Larrosa, producer of Amores con Trampa

Televisa: Amores con Trampa is a strong card for Mipcom

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|23 de junio de 2015

Televisa turns the telenovela Amores con Trampa (125x60’) into one of its bets for the next edition of Mipcom in Cannes, according to the producer of the story, Emilio Larrosa, who assured it was the opportunity to present Mexican concepts different from the ones that are seen on international TV. "It is going to Cannes to represent Televisa and is very important because it is a very Mexican concept, with elements that are very much ours, which audiences such as the European, are very interested in. The story has already been sold to 15 countries in Central and South America and we are about to enter Eastern Europe and Africa”, said the producer. This was said when the telenovela started to be broadcast on the Internet through its official site: “It is the first time a telenovela is simultaneously on the TV screen and on the web. It is an opportunity to integrate young people to these contents on mobile devices and allow them to give their opinion on what they like and what not, which I will take into account to make the necessary changes and offer people what they ask for, because we work for them, to give them new alternatives and help them reconnect with the small screen”. Amores con Trampa is aired from Monday to Friday at 8:20pm on Televisa´s Canal de las Estrellas and will have coverage, live interviews with the actors, unedited scenes, behind-the-scenes, among other things.