Roberto Gómez Fernández, producer of El Hotel de los Secretos

Televisa: El Hotel de los Secretos is a Televisa and Univision effort to bring exclusive products to the US audience
Vanessa Maldonado, Miami Beach|24 de enero de 2016

During the last day of activities at NATPE, Televisa and Univision held a screening of the series El Hotel de los Secretos (80x60’), produced by Roberto Gómez Fernández. The series will be launched on Monday 25th at 10pm on Univision. "This is a unique event, we are launching a new type of product. It is a big effort made by Univision and Televisa to bring a product made exclusively for the US audience. We think that consumption mechanisms are changing and it is a very demanding audience, but we believe we have great quality content to satisfy it", explained the producer. Fernández added that the biggest challenge about making a period story was production time and finding adequate actors to play the roles and assured that "the mystery and suspense elements would be an important hook in each episode". Televisa executives like Pepe Bastón, President of TV and Contents at Televisa; Bruce Boren, VP at Televisa Networks; Ricardo Ehrsam, General Director of Entertainment Formats at Televisa Internacional; as well as representatives from Univision, such as Emilio Aliaga, Digital Content VP, attended the screening. The talent of the series was also present: Erick Elías, Diana Bracho, Daniela Romo and Jorge Poza.