Salvador Mejía

Televisa: En Tierras Salvajes is a product that can compete at an international scale
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|01 de agosto de 2017

En Tierras Salvajes (72x60’), new production by Salvador Mejía for Televisa, will be launched on Monday July 31 at 7:30pm on Las Estrellas, and gives continuity to the short products that Televisa places in its primetime schedule to satisfy consumption of new audiences.

“We are in an age of innovation, in which formats that can compete at an international scale are important in this new alchemy that has to do with the storytelling and with the entire concept of topics, so that we can present love stories with innovative topics” commented the producer.

Katia Rodríguez, writer and adapter of the story, described this story as a ‘noveled’ series, “it is an important change for those of us who have made telenovelas we should make the most of,” she added.

En Tierras Salvajes tells the story of Isabel Montalbán, a girl from the big city, who moves to the town where her father in law, mother in law and two brother in laws live. She is married to Aníbal Otero. This unleashes stories of love, intrigue and disagreements.

This is an original story by Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira, in a versión by Liliana Abud and with an adaptation by Katia Rodríguez, Victoria Orvañanos and Adriana Spota.