José Luis Romero, director of Format, Production and Development of New Contents at Televisa

Televisa: La Apuesta is a talent show that explores new audiences and dynamics between advisors and contestants
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City |29 de septiembre de 2016

Televisa presented La Apuesta (11x150’), a new original format by the company, that will debut next October 9 at 8pm on Las Estrellas. It complements the musical content offer for weekends and what differentiates it from other brands is that it integrates the audience between ages 16 and 23, which has been explored very little in other formats. Paulina Rubio, Pepe Aguilar and David Bisbal will search for the new musical talent.

“The bet stems from an internal idea at Televisa, in the aim to develop something that has relevant potential for Mexico and the international market, in that quest to achieve an in-house format that helps us build from zero. The audience always likes contest programs and this talent show explores the audience ages 16 to 23, that we hadn't tapped into before,” explained José Luis Romero, director of Format, Production and Development of New Contents at Televisa.

He added that the challenge was to find variables that distanced this program from others, such as La Voz, X Factor or American Idol: “This was developed to tell the story in a different way, since it starts with the preselection of participants, through online videos. After, they meet the contestants, advise them and then go on to the final test, where it is determined if they join the teams or not.

Finally, André Barrén, producer of the project, highlighted that they received more than 2 thousand videos, from which they chose 600, but only one will remain in each team in the finale.