Reynaldo López, producer of La Parodia for Televisa

Televisa: La Parodia returns updated to attract new audiences
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|19 de julio de 2018

After 11 years off the air, Televisa launched on Monday, June 16 at 11pm on Las Estrellas, La Parodia, produced by Reynaldo López. It is inspired by trending topics, scandals and relevant facts about national and international events. This new delivery is confirmed until December and the audience it achieves will determine how long it will remain on TV.

“From 2002 to 2007 we had La Parodia a la TV for the first time. Then came the spin-off El Privilegio de Mandar and now it is the other way around, first, we have this sketches program on politics and from there, we brought La Parodia again. This content intends to laugh about everyday life in Mexico and the world, in different settings,” mentioned the producer.

The novelties in this edition include new characters and actors, with a group of eight personalities: Reynaldo Rossano, Pierre Angelo, Lalo España, Hugo Alcántara, Maca Carriedo, José Eduardo Derbez, Claudio Herrera and Christian Ahumada.

López highlighted that the program arrives at a time of social, political and technological changes. That is why "it implies a huge effort because we cannot write nor produce the same things, we must be more current in our language and technology, in the aim to attract new generations to the TV."