Ignacio Sada

Televisa: Mi Adorable Maldición will cover magic and mystery topics for the evening schedule on Las Estrellas
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|06 de diciembre de 2016

Mi Adorable Maldición (120x60’) is Ignacio Sada´s new production for Televisa, to be launched on January 16th at 5pm on Las Estrellas, and, according to the producer, it will cover topics related with magic and suspense.

“It is an adaptation of Lola Calamidades, now we did it in Mexican style, like a novela full of magic and mystery. It is a great love story that has the challenge of being congruent and respects the script adapted by Gabriela Ortigoza, Ricardo Tejeda and Félix Cortés, aiming to help the audience grow fond of each one of the characters,” he mentioned.

For Renata Notni, star of this production, it is the opportunity to get out of her comfort zone and be more demanding with herself as an actress. “It is an inspiring plot that brings happiness. We will see some things that are very peculiar, such as living in a pantheon, which gives it a very good touch of suspense.”

Pablo Lyle, as male star, Patricia Navidad, Cecilia Gabriela, Laura Carmine, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, aong others, are also part of the cast. It is an original story by Julio Jiménez. Scene direction is under the responsibility of Sandra Schiffner and Eduardo Said, and camera direction by Martha Montufar.