Carlos Moreno, producer of Mujeres de Negro

Televisa: Mujeres de Negro is a project that combines the thriller and police genres with melodrama
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|25 de agosto de 2016

Mujeres de Negro (50x60’) is the teleseries that Televisa launched on Monday August 22 at 9pm, as part of the change in image and contents of El Canal de las Estrellas. Produced by Carlos Moreno, this story, based on the Finnish series Black Widows, it combines melodrama with the thriller and police genres. "The original version was centered on black humor, but Carlos Moreno asked us to do it as a melodrama to render the characters more truth. The big challenge is telling a story that is different from the beginning, in which women are seasoned, and make drastic decisions. We want to show a product that not only tells women´s emotions, but also combines the police genre with the thriller,” commented the writers Martha Carrillo and Cristina García. Meanwhile, the producer said he felt comfortable making short stories and mixing different genres in one same product: “The story is divided in two seasons, to continue with the language of series. Besides, this is also good for us from a commercial perspective. It is one of the projects that the company purchased and I felt drawn to producing it because of the topics it allows to cover.” The stars in Mujeres de Negro are Alejandra Barros, Ximena Herrera and Mayrín Villanueva, who combine their participation with the actors Alexis Ayala, Mark Tacher and Francisco Gatorno.