Eduardo Meza

Televisa: Papá a Toda Madre gathers everything I have learned with Rosy Ocampo
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|24 de octubre de 2017

Televisa presented Papá a Toda Madre, Eduardo Meza´s first production in solitary. Meza worked for many years together with Rosy Ocampo. He assured that in this story he is putting into practice his knowledge in comedy production and technology. The production will be available to the audience starting Sunday, October 22 at 8pm, and after at 8:30, Monday to Friday, on Las Estrellas.

“I was always influenced by national cinema´s big sitcoms. That is what I wanted to convey with this story. It is a dear project that connects with my personal life. I have worked with the company for 31 years and working with Rosy Ocampo gives me the preparation to be at the front of this family project,” commented the producer.

Papá a Toda Madre, starring Maite Perroni, Sebastián Rulli, Raúl Araiza, Mark Tacher, and Juan Carlos Barreto, will continue Televisa´s multi-platform strategy, therefore it will have digital actions, exclusive content for these platforms.
Based on the plot by Montserrat Gómez, the original story was written by Pedro Armando Rodríguez, Alejandra Romero, Humberto Robles and Héctor Valdés. Stage direction is under Benjamín Cann´s and Rodrigo Zaunbos´responsibility.

It narrates the story of four fathers from different generations and social status, who will face an unknown side of fatherhood when they are forced to exchange roles with their children´s mothers.