José Ron, Claudia Álvarez and Ferdinando Valencia are the stars of Simplemente María

Televisa: Remakes like Simplemente María continue to appeal to the audience

13 de noviembre de 2015

Televisa launches on Monday 9th at 4:15pm the telenovela Simplemente María (125x60'), produced by Ignacio Sada, starring Claudia Álvarez, José Ron and Ferdinando Valencia. "It is a very singular telenovela, a long-cherised project, because I worked in the production of the version that was made 27 years ago and wanted to do it again because it is very strong, aspirational and appeals to the dignity of a woman who has goals and achieves them. We have also realized that the classical melodrama is still in vigor, and the audience appreciates it. Those are proven stories, everything just depends on how they are told”, he mentioned. The producer assured that the original story -produced at the time by Valentin Pimstein- will be respected; however, they will include new characters: “The story begins 20 years back, which has also been a challenge. We’ve peppered it with elements from that period and then come to the present time after the years have passed and María is an important businesswoman in the textile industry, and then we use the resources that are now available to us”. Finally, he said that a digital level, Monday they will launch the website, which includes pictures, videos, behind-the-scenes, and afterward they will add content exclusively aimed at the platform.