Frank Scheuermann recently joined Televisa and this is his first project on this TV station

Televisa: Reto 4 Elementos is a big project made for the first time in Mexico
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|22 de marzo de 2018

Using Ninja Warrior as a reference, Televisa launched on Monday 19 at 8pm, on Canal 5, the reality show Reto 4 Elementos, Naturaleza Extrema, that will have 76 episodes, in which participants go through more than 200 tests. It will be shot in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

“To bring programs like Ninja Warrior in the Mexican versión is extremely important. We will be on the air four months, with more than 200 tests. Pre-production will start in January and we are still developing some of the dynamics. It is a very big project. It isn´t a survival program, as you would think,” commented Frank Scheuermann, director of Entertainment Formats at Televisa and responsible for this project.

Under the leadership of Monserrat Olivier, more than 200 people in production and technical teams from Argentina, the 32 celebrities participating in intense competitions, where they will face the four elements of nature: water, air, earth and fire. Contestants are divided into eight teams, according to their professional profiles.

In digital, the program will have a strong strategy, with the aim to generate exclusive content for these audiences: “We are going to have behind cameras, aerial shots with drones. We have Wereverwero as our digital host, who makes capsules and competes against the host of the program, Montserrat Oliver, in some competitions,” assured Alejandro Vergara, responsible for the digital area.