Ignacio Sada, producer of Simplemente María (140x60’)

Televisa: Simplemente María is as intense as the version created 28 years ago
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|22 de septiembre de 2015

Televisa began shooting its new telenovela Simplemente María (140x60’), produced by Ignacio Sada, who told PRODU that 28 years after the last version, starring Victoria Ruffo, the aim is to continue with a classical story but brought to current times. The debut will be next November 9th at 4:15pm on Canal de las Estrellas. "This new version is interesting because we are dealing with a classical story, bringing it to current times with the same intensity and respecting an anecdote known by everybody: A country woman who arrives at the big city, meets two handsome men and deposits her love and hopes in them. The values in this novela are absolutely aspirational, to exalt women”, he expressed. The producer gave details about the production: that it will be split in two stages, the first one will take place in the first 40 episodes, where “we will travel 20 years into the past, and from there, we will go through transitions that will carry us to the current times. It isn´t a short version, we are talking about nearly 140 episodes, with the possibility of extending it, which will favor the memorable elements in this story”. Finally, Sada said that it is a big challenge to offer an attractive product to the viewer, who has increasingly more options to consume content. Claudia Álvarez and José Ron are the stars of Simplemente María, who will be accompanied by Ana Martin, Humberto Elizondo, Arleth Terán, among others. It is an original story by Celia Alcántara.