Rubén Galindo, producer

Televisa: Sin Miedo a la Verdad seeks to open a gap by taking daring stories to primetime
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|11 de octubre de 2018

A fresh and daring option. That is how Rubén Galindo rates his new fiction production, Sin Miedo a la Verdad (21x60’), launched on October 8 at 9:30pm on Televisa’s Las Estrellas.

“It is a brave bet on Televisa’s part and for me, it is a huge challenge and a great step in my career because I hadn’t done fiction in 12 years. Two years ago the company gave me the opportunity to do the bio series on Lupita D’Alessio and that served to show I could handle a product like that. If the audience accepts it then we will have managed to open an important gap to take a fresh option that alternates with classic melodramas in primetime,” mentioned the producer.

Based on the dilemma of the pros and cons offered by technology, including social networks, “this story covers problems related with media, transferred to the nucleus of a family that will take them to a struggle between life and death.”

Finally, Galindo commented that he sees himself as a producer who combines fiction with realities, formats he has been developing for 15 years and of which, “we know we will soon have to develop another one, on the company’s request”.

Sin Miedo a la Verdad stars Álex Perea, accompanied by Fernando Carrillo, Miguel Islas, and Pia Sanz, among others. It was written by Rubén Galindo, together with a team of six adapters.