Rubén Galindo, producer at Televisa

Televisa: Va Por Ti will place greater focus on comedy during the second season
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|02 de agosto de 2016

Televisa started in Mexico, on Saturday July 23 at 7pm, the broadcast of the second season of Va Por Ti, a week after its debut on Univision, where the audience goals where exceeded, according to its producer Rubén Galindo. "Va Por Ti is a tailor-made suit that Televisa creates for Univision. It is an original format that the company decided to program in its second delivery almost at the same time than in the US. It will be on the air for nine weeks and will have four stages: team conformation, elimination of the first captain, captain war and choosing the champion," he mentioned. The producer assured that even though life stories continue to be the main element, comedy will be highlighted in this second edition. "Now we are placing more focus on comedy, since in the first season that went so well, without neglecting the format goals in terms of suspense and singing competition," he added.