Producer Carlos Murguía

Televisa: After Login, we are preparing new series with tech innovations like augmented reality
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|30 de agosto de 2016

After the simultaneous debut of Login on Telehit and Blim, its producer Carlos Murguía stated that the first season of Logout will be launched in October on open TV on Televisa´s Canal 5 and Univision. He also announced that they are already working on three comedy and drama projects that will include technological innovations such as augmented reality. "We want to continue with our seal of projects with innovation aggregators that reach beyond a simple TV format, with the type of quality that US series have. Now we are working on three products in genres like comedy and drama,” he explained during the Mexico IAB Conecta event. The producer mentioned that applications like Pokémon Go are very attractive for the market they aim to reach, so for their next events, "we want to explore those topics of augmented reality, tapping into the innovations of providers like Samsung or Google with their glasses. We want to go beyond the half-hour duration, take viewers to have a longer experience and for them to feel inside the story.” Regarding the series Logout and Login, Murguía highlighted the rise in the download for smartphones and the audience’s interest in this type of product, which will also be available on open TV: "We started with Logout in October on Canal 5 and after, it will be aired on Univision. With the next launches, the strategy will be the same, first on pay TV and Blim, and a year or a few months later on open TV”.