Fiction shootings are back at Televisa under a strict operative manual
Televisa already advances in the new normal
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|11 de junio de 2020

Televisa already advances in the new normality. During this week and next, the fiction projects Te Doy la Vida, Imperio de Mentiras, Vencer el Desamor, and La Mexicana y el Güero are back in the forums; however, the production team is following a new and strict operating manual developed by the company, that contemplates safety and health measures and its use is mandatory and general.

In the document, they establish as a goal: “To generate efficient and responsible logistics, with strict safety and health protocols, aiming to minimize the risk of transmission in shootings and facilities.”

The main measures are sanitation of forums and locations before and after use; reduction of the number of people who participate in a shooting (actors, cameramen, boom man, director); mandatory use of facemasks, and antibacterial gel (actors will only be allowed to take off their face protection during scene shooting, the rest of the team at the forum must use them all the time); installation of sinks in forums and locations.

The personalization of costume and props will also be established to avoid them becoming a vehicle for transmission; the temperature will be taken upon return to facilities and forums; permanent follow-up of symptomatology; respect of healthy distance in all the phases of the production work; adjustment of scripts to reduce risk of spread; periodical sanitation of all the equipment, furniture, material, and transportation used, as well as running the COVID-19 test to the casts before starting shootings.