Televisa´s first Our Story on Snapchat was about the Mexico vs US soccer game

Televisa and Snapchat signed alliance to produce the first Our Story in Mexico
15 de junio de 2017

In the aim to strengthen their digital strategy and take their contents to young audiences, Televisa signed an alliance with the social platform Snapchat to produce the first Our Story in Mexico with content related with the qualification soccer game for the 2018 Russia World Cup between Mexico and the US that took place on Sunday 11 in Mexico City.

Televisa Deportes’ TV broadcast on Las Estrellas at 9pm was complemented with an Our Story on Snapchat with clips of the best moments of the game, goals, fans’ reactions and events in locker room and at both teams´ benches.

The audience had relevant participation, since the snaps viewers sent from the places where they were watching the broadcast were included. This reveals the importance these platforms have in the new Televisa management.

With this, Televisa expands to the digital part the content innovation they have created for the TV screen, as they have done in the US by creating the digital portfolio Fusion Media Group, which has more than 100 million unique views each month and have given Univision relevance with the bilingual audience.