Las Estrellas will be known more as "a distribution platform"

Televisa announced "Las Estrellas" as the new name of channel 2 and primetime with a shorter product and a 40% budget increase
23 de agosto de 2016

Pepe Bastón, president of TV and Contents at Televisa, informed about radical changes in their star channel, from a new name to the progressive implantation of a culture of innovation among the entire personnel. El Canal de las Estrellas, the most watched in Mexico, the one preferred by advertisers and a reference in in the continent for its stability and profit margins, is called since Monday this week, "Las Estrellas" and will be known more as "a distribution platform,” announced Azcárraga a day earlier. The new name comes with shorter products for primetime, with higher production values and an increase in costs that is 40% higher than that of classic telenovelas. They will have 60 to 80 episodes, more modern topics, real and daring dialogues and women will be the main star, but as family and society leaders instead of victims or sufferers. Bastón made these announcements accompanied by his new innovative team, before a chosen group of journalists who generate opinion in the entertainment sector. The event was held in one of the studios of Televisa San Angel. They had an honest and direct dialogue. "We have been working on this 3 years, but hadn’t said anything for strategic reasons and because we weren’t ready yet. Now, we are; we feel much more solid regarding what we’ve learned, developing formulas to produce other genres. Today we can say that Televisa is making series,” he said.