Cuna de Lobos, a production of Televisa's Fábrica de Sueños, has led Univision primetime

Televisa assures its content contract with Univision
27 de febrero de 2020

With the announcement of the new control structure at Univision through the acquisition by Searchlight Capital Partners and ForgeLight, Grupo Televisa -which has been a strategic partner for Univision for over five decades- will continue to be the main content provider, maintaining its shareholding position, keeping 36%, and the content licensing contract with Univisión.

Televisa`s Programming Licence Agreement with Univision will remain in vigor and will not end its validity until Televisa voluntarily sells a considerable portion of its share, moment when the agreement will continue in vigor for 7.5 additional years.

With this transaction, the trust of future partners in Televisa`s contents, which are 65% of Univisión´s contents -that include drama, reality series, sports, comedy, entertainment programs, films, series such as Pequeños Gigantes, El Dragón, La Rosa de Guadalupe, Cuna de Lobos, among many others to which Univision will continue to have exclusive access for the US- is proven. Televisa and its premium content become a key point for the future consolidation of Univision.

“We are sure that the new relationship that will soon start with Univision will be one of the huge accomplishments, in which Hispanic`s talent in the three Americas will allow taking contents in Spanish to more places and larger audiences," expressed Televisa in a statement.

Once the corresponding government authorizations are obtained, the operational and programmatic details of the new relation with Univision will be presented.