Emilio Azcárraga, president of Grupo Televisa

Televisa: Canal 2 is no longer an open TV channel but a platform instead
23 de agosto de 2016

During the penultimate broadcast of the night newscast with Joaquín López-Doriga, Emilio Azcárraga, president of Grupo Televisa, confirmed the changes that would be ready starting August 22 on the screen of El Canal de las Estrellas, highlighting that Canal 2 disappears to become a platform. Viewers can have access to contents how, when and where they want. "Televisa must be a creator of quality formats and contents for all these platforms and technologies, that is no longer called an open TV channel, but a group of different platforms. I will always bet on change. If we don't take risks, we are not going to change and will have to do so with new formats that do not keep us stagnated,” commented Azcárraga. The executive assured that the company is open to proposals of new talents: “We must remain very open in order to be part of this change. Televisa is the platform where all the contents must be aired. It is an invitation for them, so that the manner of producing contents has an important change.” To end, he acknowledged that Televisa´s flagship genre, telenovelas, have undergone a decrease in episodes. Comedy programs, on the other hand, will now include a political touch.