Rubén Galindo: Televisa Internacional has a very appealing product for all markets because I think this format is going to travel very well

Televisa: El Retador brings together top-level talent from different countries
Aliana González, Mexico City|11 de agosto de 2021

One of the greatest challenges of El Retador was to find top talent and players to be part of the production, according to its producer, Rubén Galindo. The hardest part was bringing together Lucero and her ex-husband Manuel Mijares, who are performing together for the first time, along with Itatí Cantoral, as one of the three judges of the contest, led by Consuelo Duval. The program premieres on Sunday 15 at 8:30 pm on Televisa.

The program includes the competition in three-discipline — dance, singing, and imitation — that starts with a champion and three challenger candidates, from which the judges choose who will confront the champion. The champion - who sits on a throne - has already been recognized in some other reality show, program, or contest. Then the public chooses the winner between the challenger and the champion using an application.

Galindo explained that to choose the competitors, he toured all of Latin America, Spain, and the United States, consulting with production companies, television networks, academies, casting experts, and artist representatives. “It was a titanic effort, which we owe to Marcelo Strupini, who dedicated his body and soul to it before pre-production. We believe that one of the great values that the program has is the great cast on stage showing their virtues,” he said.

In addition, he explained that doing it in times of pandemic was also complicated, especially because people were brought in from abroad and this included protocols, covid tests, taking and bringing people to airports and hotels, inquiring about song rights, preparing content for the led screens of the set, script production. The central screen is 12 meters high and almost ten meters wide, with very high resolution.

"Televisa Internacional has a very appealing product for all markets because I think this format is going to travel very well, just like Bailando Por Un Sueño and Pequeños Gigantes," said Galindo.

He pointed out that it is a unique format, created by Mariana Vargas, Marcelo Strupini, and Rubén Galindo. “It may seem like there are parts that look like other formats, but it wasn't inspired by any show. It's an original idea,” he said.