Patricio Wills: For 2021 we have around a thousand hours of original fiction

Televisa Estudios: A thousand original hours of fiction
04 de diciembre de 2020

Patricio Wills, president of Televisa Estudios, announced that they have been preparing versions of Fábrica de Sueños for 2021, including one of the greatest hits in Televisa´s history. "For 2021 we have around a thousand hours of original fiction" he detailed.

The projects for 2021 include Si nos dejan, a new version of a Colombian telenovela made a few years ago, as well as the format of La máscara. “We are very busy. With the 15 studios already full and producing with all the rigors and health protocols. We are an example for the industry of the work we are doing in Mexico" he added.

Wills said that the products already have to have a feature —to be tailor-made—, “for third-party platforms or for open TV where we have a schedule. At the end of the day, the good thing is to welcome them and, the great news is that there are more windows where our products are going to be watched," he commented.

He also mentioned that the pandemic did generate changes in the audience´s taste: now, it is looking for lighter and more entertaining content other than drama. "The audience is seeking more recreation, more lightness, more co-viewing, more family programs and not dramatic and about narcos”.

He detailed that open TV consumption grew by 15% during the pandemic and now the numbers continue to be higher than the ones shown before the pandemic.