Manolo Fernández and Yordi Rosado received a Premio TVyNovelas for Está Cañón

Televisa: In July we will redesign the program Está Cañón and already prepared four new projects

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|28 de abril de 2016

The pay TV program Está Cañón, aired on Wednesdays at 9:30pm on Unicable, will renew its image next July, announced the producer and host Yordi Rosado, whom, together with his associate producer Manolo Fernández, highlighted that they are already working on four new projects: two original ones, a license and an adaptation. “In July we are going to renew the image of our programs Está Cañón, we will see new scenery, intros and bring international guests, it will be a very interesting refresh”, commented Rosado, who in the last edition of Premios TVyNovelas, received the award for Mejor Programa de TV Restringida (Best Restricted TV Program). The producer also announced that he is working together with Fernández on new projects that respond to the needs of the audience, including the launching of a voice and audio platform. “Last year we had six programs aired simultaneously. We are continuously analyzing the audience’s behavior and according to that, we decide how to deal with contents. Now we have four projects, two originals, an adaptation and a licensed one. Two of them will have second screen technology and we will also launch a platform on the Internet with specific audio and voice content”, he added.