Salvador Mejía, Telenovelas Production general director at Televisa

Televisa: In the digital age we must adapt to different screens

06 de noviembre de 2015

For Salvador Mejía, Telenovelas Production general director at Televisa, the biggest change television has undergone in the digital age is the arrival of OTT services. However, in Mexico, the process has been a bit slower than in the US, for example. "Open broadcast tv in Mexico still has a long way to go. As long as we have products, what's important is the windows. Thank God we have a 50-year know-how facing all kinds of things and we have moved forward”, he assured. Mejía firmly believes in the power of telenovelas as formats and thinks that as long as Televisa has good stories, the strategy must center on broadcast windows: “We have to adapt to the different screens. One of the indications to make products shorter is the result of the needs of OTT services”. Regarding distribution of the advertising investment, his opinion is that in Mexico, this aspect is already full, therefore in Televisa efforts are being made to generate options on social networks, media content or product placement, to cover other needs.