Clara Méndez, Televisa Interactive Media's Marketing Sales director

Televisa Interactive Media: Big Brother will return to Mexico with a great digital deployment
17 de marzo de 2015

After producer Miguel Ángel Fox's recent confirmation of the comeback of the reality show Big Brother, Endemol's fomat, for Mexican screens for the second semester of 2015, leaving La Voz... México for 2016. Televisa Interactive Media's Marketing Sales director, Clara Méndez, assured that this product will arrive with a multiplatform offer that will make the most of the users' increasing interaction between mobile devices and TV screens. As Big Brother is a license, it already has multiplatform content. Also, it is an appropriate show to interact in different screens and we will make the most of this to generate strategies that will allow users to have additional content. We want to use these new windows that didn't exist 10 years ago when the first version was made in Mexico, mainly on social networks and streaming" she highlighted. As for the reality show, Fox assured the project will start somewhere between September and December, which "is very ambitious, because it has been undergoing renovations, in other countries they haven't stopped airing it, and it is a format that has adapted well to recent times. I think we are going to have a very good Big Brother for 2015". The first version for Mexico was produced by Pedro Torres in 2002 and marked a precedent in the production of realities by Televisa in partnership with producing houses such as Endemol.