The digital platform offers a new approach to music, lifestyle, and entertainment in urban culture

Televisa launches digital platform Slang
17 de enero de 2020

Televisa Digital launches Slang, a digital platform that offers a new approach on music, lifestyle, and entertainment in urban culture.

For decades, urban culture has become a movement that transcends ideological, geographical, and social limits, now becoming an accurate portrayal of current times and whose most outstanding activities are available on Slang.

Regarding music, Slang gathers hip hop, rap, reggaetón, trap, R&B and electronic music, sounds that have their origin in the urban scope. The videos, news, and stories presented on Slang cover from independent to mainstream scenes.

Regarding lifestyle, the new digital platform presents the most proactive manifestations of fashion, places of interest, and cultural events that take place in large cities. They also present the latest novelties in apps, gadgets, and shopping.

Finally, in the entertainment section, Slang offers the most relevant events in terms of audiovisual content, such as cinema, series, videogames, and art, in which urban movement has also acquired an identity of its own.