Carlos Quintanilla, writer of Televisa´s Sin Rastro

Televisa: Mexican TV is ready for short productions like Sin Rastro on El Canal de las Estrellas´ primetime
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|22 de julio de 2016

Betting on short contents for open TV is the audience's opportunity to see differentiated contents with greater emotional load, according to Carlos Quintanilla, writer of Televisa´s new short telenovela, Sin Rastro (16x60’), to be launched on August 1st at 9:30pm, on El Canal de las Estrellas, produced by Silvia Cano. “Mexican TV is ready for these products, the audience is begging for them. We have access to a lot of platforms, to content from all over the world and in Mexico we have to take risks with all these formats. I like the fact that Televisa is producing a short format that I have the privilege to write. We are going to insist on short contents to offer the audience new stories,” expressed the writer. Quintanilla highlighted that even though Sin Rastro is a story that has elements of melodrama, with a love triangle, “it moves in an environment of mystery and science fiction, where we will see why our star disappeared five years before and when she returns, she realizes that her life has been taken by someone else. The challenge here is to move the viewer with a fast and dizzying pace.” To end, he stated that this telenovela has Televisa´s 9:30 primetime seal, and part of the production team that was in charge of El Hotel de los Secretos.