Televisa: Mexico produces quality TV and with Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia we are making our contribution
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|26 de junio de 2018

With the second delivery of the telenovela Mi Marido Tiene Familia, now under the title Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia (80x60'), to be launched on July 9 at 8:30pm, Televisa producer Juan Osorio seeks to innovate in TV contents by adding to the cast Pancho López (Arath de la Torre), star of Una Familia Con Suerte, a story made in 2012 and thus conquering the audience of both projects.

“I have revived the character of Pancho López and although it is not easy to do the second part of a telenovela, as a producer, I am required to make quality content. My line is clear and my goal is for mothers to see it and for the audience of both stories to feel identified with it," he explained.

In one of the locations in Mexico City, the producer presented the mobile unit equipped exclusively for this project, emphasizing the importance of technology in their productions.

“Today, we are making very high-level TV and in a meeting with people from New York and Miami, we presented the first promotional of the telenovela and people congratulated us because there is a good job in terms of actors, scripts, and technical team," added Osorio.

Starring Zuria Vega, Daniel Arenas and Arath de la Torre, Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia has locations in Mexico City and Oaxaca.