Mi Fortuna es Amarte (87x60´) is a production of Nicandro Díaz premiering on November 8 at 8:30pm on Mexico's Las Estrellas

Televisa: Mi Fortuna es Amarte was filmed 55% in locations and 45% in the studio
Aliana González, Mexico City|10 de septiembre de 2021

Mi Fortuna es Amarte (87x60´), a production of Nicandro Díaz's, premieres on November 8 at 8:30pm, to replace Vencer el Pasado on Las Estrellas. It is an original story by Luis Felipe Salamanca, which was broadcast for the first time in Caracol, with the name La Quiero a Morir.

The novel features the story of Natalia Robles (Susana González) and Vicente Ramírez “Chente” (David Zepeda), who go through life-changing situations. Natalia (from a high social position) loses everything when her husband leaves her for her best friend after 20 years of marriage, and Vicente (from lower socioeconomic position) is the victim of a fraud, which also leaves him in an economically very complicated situation. Both must live in the same house, with which the relationship will go through emotional ups and downs.

“From different backgrounds and economic positions, both Natalia and Vicente are good people with solid values. It is a production with a message that, in this complex moment of the pandemic, seems relevant to me, because it highlights the importance of love and other intangible values over and above those tangibles,” said Díaz, executive producer.

Adapted by Juan Alberto Alcalá, the series will be filmed beginning on August 11 until January. It is an urban story, recorded 55% in outdoor locations and 45% in the studio, mainly in Mexico City, although some scenes are probably performed in a Caribbean country. "We are working on locations because we want the sound of the city and the atmosphere of the street to be sensed," he said, after noting that many scenes are performed in Colonia Portales.

In addition to Susana González and David Zepeda, the cast includes Sergio Sendel (Adrián Cantú Garza); Denia Agalianu (Verónica Alanís Gómez) and Michelle González (Olga Pascual Chávez). Also Chantal Andere, Carmen Salinas, Luis Felipe Tovar, Omar Fierro, Lisset, Ana Bertha Espín, will be among others performing in the series.

The message of the melodrama is: "No matter the social class you belong to... Happiness and sadness are experienced equally."