Bruce Boren, VP of Televisa Networks

Televisa Networks: We can no longer talk about linear channels but rather 360 products
Vanessa Maldonado, Acapulco|17 de junio de 2014

After José Bastón, president of Television and Content of Televisa, mentioned the company is working on new channels, Bruce Boren, VP of Televisa Networks, emphasized they always seek opportunities that complement their current offer. However, he said it’s crucial for these investments to focus on 360 integrations. “Televisa is always exploring new opportunities, but it’s pointless to talk about new linear channels; they must be full 360 projects that include linear channels, VOD, digital and social media. If there is projects like that, we’ll give it our full support so that it can impact the industry and the TV,” said Boren. He said that the launch of channels UFC and Golden Premier helped the company consolidate is position in the industry. He also emphasized all niches are currently covered by the company’s channels, including HD, but said the channels need further penetration.