Guillermo del Bosque: It is a concept where we try to judge a celebrity who has experienced controversial events, who comes and laughs

Televisa: Perdiendo el Juicio has great potential to be licensed in other countries
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|27 de abril de 2022

Televisa premiered Monday the 25th, after Denisse Merker's newscast on Las Estrellas, the second season of Perdiendo el Juicio, under the production of Guillermo del Bosque. He assured that it is a format that has worked well on the TV station and has great possibilities of traveling as a can or for adaptation, as they have done with other company products.

“The first season did very well and the company requested the second one, they want a third, a fourth, but we have to go slowly and we are going for this new one that will consist of 12 episodes. It is a concept where we try to judge a celebrity who has experienced controversial events, who comes and laughs," said the producer.

Del Bosque created this concept in 2012 when he returned from the London Olympics; however, he had the idea when Televisa held the Espacio event for university students in 2007 and where the students judged the guest producers and talents: “Those were the first practices made of someone being judged and that was something done all the time, but the point was how we landed it and I imagined having a defendant that for his controversial events we could put him under a trial and since 2012 I’ve been drafting it, but I had saved it because I had a lot of work. But in 2020 I finally presented it, in 2021 a pilot was made and now we already have delivered two.”

He announced that if third and fourth installments are produced, the recording will be done between March and April 2023. Meanwhile, he is already working with writers on ideas to get movies that are cheap in cost, but with interesting original ideas: “With this birth of TelevisaUnivision and the platform, more content will be needed in Spanish and we are also working in ideas of drama series or thrillers that if they convince me I’ll present them because I want to do something different”. Additionally, there is the possibility of the return to television of 100 Mexicanos Dijeron VIP with 24 or 26 episodes.

As for Perdiendo el Juicio as an exportable format, he assured us that it has great possibilities, just as was the case of 100 Mexicanos, which is a Freemantle license that Televisa acquires: “When I made 100 Mexicanos they said that in the history of licenses it had not existed one with a comedian, it always was with a serious host. When they finally saw it, they began to offer it in other parts of the world as something that could be done. Thus, just as this opened doors with a foreign license, so the original programs have the option of adapting in other countries. These are concepts that the company can license.”

The new season of Perdiendo el Juicio, consists of 12 chapters and features the performances of Jesús Ochoa, Alexis Ayala, Lola Cortés, Jorge "Burro" Van Rankin, Paul Stanley, Luis Felipe Tovar, Juan Carlos "El Borrego" Nava and Hugo Alcantara. Among the defendants of the second season are: Adela Micha, Lucía Méndez, Miguel "El Piojo" Herrera, Yordi Rosado, "Chuponcito", Luis de Alba "El Pirruris", Sergio Mayer and Platanito, among others.