Rubén Galindo, executive producer of Televisa

Televisa: Sin Miedo a la Verdad is a spearhead as a TV offer
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|05 de julio de 2019

Rubén Galindo, executive producer of Televisa, assured that Sin Miedo a la Verdad 2 (20x60’) is loaded with action and adrenaline, which the audience feels from the first episodes with situations that corner the protagonist. The first five episodes of the second season will be pre launched through and the official Facebook and YouTube accounts of Las Estrellas on July 1st at 10am. On Las Estrellas, it will have its debut on July 8 at 9:30pm.

“This is a strategy that drives and strengthens breaking news. It is a winning formula that Televisa discovered to swell the achievements of open TV," he stated regarding the advancement on digital.

Regarding the number of episodes, he assured they analyzed it: “There were certain indicators and background that aimed at the good results of the formula, such as the launches of the bioseries on Joan Sebastian or Lupita D’Alessio, that were short projects. These help the audience not have to invest too much time in trying to have a more dramatic arch."

As for new projects, he said they are anxious for Pequeños Gigantes to start next year, the bioseries on Pedro Infante and a new season of Sin Miedo a la Verdad: “It will depend on what the audience and Televisa say. Big plans and surprises are on the way.”