Mario Muñoz, director of Innovation and Benchmark at Televisa

Televisa: Spain and Mexico are rediscovering each other
04 de julio de 2017

Mario Muñoz, director of Innovation and Benchmark at Televisa, mentioned at Conecta Fiction Spanish and Mexicans are rediscovering each other in the event, and stressed the union between the two because of the common language.

“We are rediscovering each other. In Spain and Mexico we have more similarities than differences. Now, we must find them to make entertainment that crosses the ocean, ideas, people and talent. Borders are dissolved for content,”

There is a big opportunity for growth and complementing each other, assures Muñoz, to learn from one another and that way be able to make the new contents the audiences are looking for.

“To be appointed Innovation Director is a challenge because audiences demand different things. The audience wants us to continue telling stories, but also want to fall in love differently. That is where we must innovate to continue moving their emotions.”

Muñoz ended saying that new audiences watch TV individually, however, if you are from Latin America, after watching content, you go back to a conversation. “So, as long as we continue to make these contents, people will continue watching them”.