Patricio Wills, president of Televisa Studios

Televisa Studios: We are looking ahead
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|19 de abril de 2019

A year after assuming the role of president of Televisa Studios, Patricio Wills begins to see the fruits of his projects and content strategy. Last week, in the Content Night event in Mexico City, he announced that the new versions of La Usurpadora and Cuna de Lobos, both from La Fábrica de Sueños, are a reality and have started or are about to start shootings. Televisa Studios also has new proposals of their own formats and acquired ones for Channel 5 and original content in digital.

“This year on Televisa it has been vertiginous and maybe the most important in my career. For me, it is an honor to have oiled the machine, but this has been Emilio Azcárraga´s and the CEOs´ initiative. As a producer, this is the best moment, the best place and the hour when it is supposed to happen. At Televisa, we are looking ahead,” he assured.

Wills highlighted the format ¿Quién Tiene la Máscara?, that has turned out to be a hit in the US and will have its version on Channel 5. “We told the audience, the advertisers and the international market that we were going to innovate, change and bring new things, and here we are. We are doing it and we are doing it seriously”.

He reiterated that Televisa is open to producers and co-producers with good ideas. He said that together with Amazon they are developing some projects, including Ciudad de México and Un Extraño Enemigo, that comes with a second season. With Mediapro, they are doing Unwanted and Stroke. They are also working with other companies such as Endemol, Sony and more.

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