Carla Estrada, producer of the bioseries Por Siempre Joan Sebastian

Televisa: The bioseries Por Siempre Joan Sebastian arrives in Mexico after its success in the US
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|02 de agosto de 2016

Televisa launched on Monday, August 1 at 9:30pm on El Canal de las Estrellas and the platform Blim, the bioseries Por Siempre Joan Sebastian, el Poeta del Pueblo (18x60'), produced by Carla Estrada, based on the life of this Mexican singer/songwriter. "It is a project born from the heart, with lots of ups and downs, but we achieved a great product that was already tested in the US and was very successful, and we hope that in Mexico we will make it, too,” expressed Estrada. Meanwhile, Farid de la Peña, deputy director to the Digital VP and New Media at Blim, assured that this content is aligned "with the brand´s values and with the audience we want to reach in Latin America”. The story stars Julián Figueroa and José Manuel Figueroa, sons of the late artist, together with other actors, such as Arcelia Ramírez, Lumi Cavazos, Livia Brito and Irán Castillo.