Eduardo Clemesha, VP Formats and New Contents

Televisa: The company has earned the credit of being the home of comedy
26 de marzo de 2019

Televisa presented in Mexico City its comedy bar, that includes launches and new seasons of programs that have already been successful. Eduardo Clemesha, VP, Formats and New Contents, assured it is a very noble genre the audience asks for and that is why they doubled the production.

“We have new launches and will continue driving this new genre. People asked me, ‘Why the comedy house?’; it is a credit the company has earned. I hope the audience has as much fun as we did making it,” he stated.

The programs that will comprise Noche de Buenas and Domingos de Sofá include: Vecinos (26x30’), a production by Elías Solorio, directed by Jorge Garza; Una Familia de Diez + 2 (26x30’), produced and directed by Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo; Nosotros los guapos (26x30’), produced by Memo del Bosque and directed by Rafael Perrin; and Renta Congelada (13x30’), produced by Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo and directed by Fez Noriega.

They also presented La Parodia (13x30’), produced by Reynaldo López and directed by Sergio Adrián; Lorenza, Bebé a Bordo (13x30’), produced by André Barren and Jorge Párraga under the direction of Juan Carlos De Llaca; Julia vs. Julia (13x30’), produced by Nazareno Brancatto and directed by Javier del Solar; Simón Dice (13x30’), produced by Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo and directed by Fez Noriega; Alma de Ángel (13x30’), produced by Nazareno Brancatto and directed by Juan Carlos de Llaca; Hasta que la Herencia nos Separe (13x30’), produced by Elias Solorio and directed by Jorge Garza; and+Noche (19x52’), produced and directed by Israel Jaitovich.

Additionally, they presented a new comedy version of their institutional campaign Mi Propósito eres Tú under the slogan: “Your laughter is our purpose, and in 2019 we are sure that we will make you lose your style with so much laughter".