Gerardo López Gallo, Programming, Marketing, and Research VP, Televisa

Televisa: The digital topic will bring strength and renovation to the company
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|02 de junio de 2017

A few months after his arrival to Televisa as Programming, Marketing, and Research VP, Gerardo López Gallo assured that the digital topic combined with each one of the productions is one of the TV station’s main bets to face new consumption uses.

“The idea is to work each signal based on numbers, processes and creativity to develop products. The position I hold allows me to work in teams, for campaigns to be closer and based on serious and deep research processes,” he commented.

López Gallo adds that Isaac Lee’s experience with digital is essential to give Televisa strength in this area: “I will offer a very interesting renovation and the plans we have in digital are very good and positive. Right now, we are working on internal processes. The biggest change is emerging and is reflected in the opening towards many things and to making products that didn´t use to be made”.

Finally, he said that in this company he has the opportunity to work for his strengthening, “making different things and great content in the aim to approach the audience.”

Before his arrival at Televisa, he was Content VP at Discovery Networks Mexico.