Alexis Núñez, producer

Televisa: There are too many platforms and little content
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|28 de noviembre de 2017

Developing quality multiplatform content, where production teams work creatively is the main goal of the Bachelor in TV Production organized by Televisa and led by the producer, Alexis Núñez. He said that in this third edition, they addressed the development of projects for different platforms, including technology, and also left open the possibility of making the course available to people not related to TV, but who wish to get involved.

“TV is a very versatile medium and now is the time for major opportunities. Big companies like Apple are opening TV channels, because they understand the importance of the word, regardless the screen. These are most interesting times, with more spaces to include quality productions. However, I consider there are too many platforms and little content” Martinez explained.

He said the course is an opportunity “to show that production teams are more creative than they believe. We organized it in such way that afterward, we can open it to people not related to TV, but who wish to learn or to develop content.”

As a producer, Alexis Núñez has nine months working side by side with a group of writers in two comedy series, an action super series, and two reality projects related to the family. All could be included in any platform, and he will give more details about this in January.