Bruce Boren, VP at Televisa Networks, and Guillermo Del Bosque, producer and general director of Telehit

Televisa: This year the Telehit Awards only aired live on pay TV and behind the scenes via the Internet
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|10 de noviembre de 2016

Televisa revealed the details of the ninth delivery of the Telehit Awards, to be held November 10 in Mexico City. Guillermo Del Bosque, producer and general director of Telehit, assured that this year it will only be aired live on the pay TV signal, and on the Internet they will have the preview and behind the scenes.

“The channel celebrated 23 years and nine with the awards, so this year we are aiming to raise the bar we reached in 2015 with the presence of One Direction. As opposed to other years, the event will only be aired on pay TV at 5pm, and a month later on open TV,” commented Del Bosque.

Meanwhile, Bruce Boren, VP at Televisa Networks, mentioned that the awards have become “the most widespread project worldwide, and also the most complicated to produce. Telehit is one of the company's anchor channels and a reference for young people in Latin America and the US. Digital presence will be complemented with Facebook Live, an emoji of the ceremony, activations and a streaming of backstage.”

The talents who will take part this year include the groups Caifanes, The Chainsmokers and Charli XCX, among others.

Finally, the producer clarified that he will continue in the company when asked about his possible exit from the company. “I will continue working for the channel and developing projects for the Blim platform".