Fernando Muñiz from Televisa Networks assured that the contents of its signal U are designed as multi-platforms

Televisa: Unicable transforms into U and is boosted as a multi-platform signal
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|24 de abril de 2018

Televisa Networks presented on Monday, April 23 the renovation of its channel Unicable, now, under the name of U, as part of the trend of fresher and more updated content, in the aim to be a multiplatform signal. 

“We reached a point in which we consider that the channel needed a refresh, both in terms of image and in content, that adapt to the fresher and more updated content on TV. For that reason, we changed the name from Unicable to only U, that is more attractive and modern, and is not limited to the cable section. The new name will help us to position ourselves in social networks,” explained Fernando Muñiz, general director of Sales and Affiliates at Televisa Networks.

The renovation maintains the seal of the original productions made by the channel, with new contents like late night shows, healthy lifestyle, fitness and balance, films, comedy, and contests, among other things.

Muñiz highlighted that it will be a flagship signal on digital platforms, since “all the contents are being produced to co-exist on all platforms and, ultimately, it will give us the power to be more permeable in all media and not just stay on traditional TV.”

Finally, he said that distribution of the channel in Mexico is through the basic package and it is in all the cable systems, except Dish and Megacable; while the international signal is in packages in operators in Central America and in a couple of systems in the Andean region.