Wade Davis

Televisa-Univision's focus on launching a global streaming business
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|23 de abril de 2021

The first great benefit of the Televisa-Univisión merger is integrating content, production, and global rights, according to Wade Davis, CEO of Univision and future leader of the combined company. "We are uniting the profile, creating a global rights group and content creation engine focused on global optimization for all markets and platforms," he said.

The second great benefit about the launch of a global streaming initiative in Spanish, which is the central focus of the new Televisa-Univisión, is that it involves the two main companies of the two largest markets in Hispanic consumers -EE USA and Mexico. “When you think of a streaming business it has to be global. These 600 million Spanish-speaking markets with an aggregate GDP of US $ 700 trillion, where the majority is in the United States and Mexico,” he said.

The third big advantage, he noted, regards the monetization part. “The combined company has the largest Spanish-language media advertising sales force on the planet. When you think about the monetization opportunities and what we’re bringing to the table, starting with the advertising sales force, but also the existing AVOD business and the commercial relationship with the most important advertisers and agencies, it is another great advantage for us,” he pointed out.

Davis could not give details of the streaming strategy, but he assured that in the coming months they will disclose aspects such as the global brand they will manage, how they are harmonizing the digital assets of both companies, and the content proposal.

He highlighted that trust in the management of the new company begins with the strategic alignment of the owners.

“I would not have offered to lead the combined company if it were not for the constant support of Alfonso, Bernardo, and Emilio in the part of the business in Mexico, who will continue to support me in the transition period that will not be short. We hope that this integration process will take place gradually in the coming years,” Davis concluded.