Carlos Murguía, the executive producer at Televisa and Special Contents at TUDN

Televisa: We´ll continue designing new formats
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|16 de enero de 2020

Carlos Murguía, the executive producer at Televisa and Special Contents at TUDN, assured that being part of the company´s creative team is to preempt three and four years and propose new formats with different durations, as well as projects that are innovative in all areas, not just technology.

“The area of technology is advancing rapidly. We are going to continue exploring virtual reality. We already did it in the 2018 World Cup with capsules and will continue on that path, but there has to be innovation across everything. 2020 is about continuing to design projects, formats, new and tested, redesigned traditional ones for them to be more transmedia and of different durations," he explained.

The executive stated that pay-TV is the native place to be the starting point. There they launched their series and he feels that if these innovation projects work there, they can go to open TV as a next step. Producers, he assured, must also propose ideas to the commercial force for these projects to be profitable.

"The great thing about a company like Televisa is that it has so many work teams that some can be in the day-to-day. However, the creative part: writers, producers, and directors, have the responsibility of offering solutions to the commercial areas for them to have more tools. It is a complex moment and clients always want more," he ended.